Winter 2019

Meetings in 2608 Haven, University of Michigan, at 3:30 p.m. unless otherwise indicated

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11 Jan   Planning Session
18 Jan   Viewing of Radio Bikini (1988), dir. Robert Stone
25 Jan   Viewing of interview with Robert Stone, inter alia
1 Feb   Juan Cole, "Iran as an Existential Threat"
8 Feb   Hal Friedman on the Bikini Nuclear Tests
15 Feb   Discussion of Paul Pillar, "The Role of Villain: Iran and U.S. Foreign Policy" link
22 Feb   Viewing of The Karski Report (2010), dir. Claude Lanzmann
1 Mar   Jonathan Marwil, "Reagan and Vietnam"
8 Mar   No Meeting: Winter Recess
Ides   Canceled
22 Mar   Discussion of N.B. DeAtkine, "Vietnam to Iraq"
29 Mar   Bob Donia, "After Action Reports: A Genre Little Appreciated"
5 Apr   Dennis Ringle, "Food and Libations in the Age of Sail and Early Steam"
12 Apr   Joshua Cole, "The Papon Trial, 1998" link
19 Apr   Tom Palaima, "The Meaning of War Stories" link-1, link-2, link-3, link-4, link-5, link-6, link-7
26 Apr   Erik Austin on Michael Beschloss, Presidents of War