Fall 2018

Meetings in 2608 Haven, University of Michigan, at 3:30 p.m. unless otherwise indicated

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7 Sep   Planning Session
14 Sep   Dennis Ringle, "The US Navy and D-Day"
21 Sep   Aborted (technical difficulties)
28 Sep   Discussion of Thomas Childers, "'Facilis descensus averni est': The Allied Bombing of Germany and the Issue of German Suffering," Central European History, 38.1 (2005) 75-105 link
5 Oct   John Whittier-Ferguson, "Life at the US Air Force Academy"
12 Oct   Viewing of Death by Moonlight: Bomber Command, dir. Bruce McKenna (1992)
19 Oct   Rob Nelson, "The Fire-Bombing of German Cities in World War II"
26 Oct   Richard Tucker, "Food As a Weapon during World War I"
2 Nov   Jim Phillips, "Biafra at Fifty" [N.b. presentation on 1 Nov. at 4:00 in 1014 Tisch]
9 Nov   Itai Anghel, Israeli Documentarian of War
16 Nov   Discussion of Michael Howard, "What's in a Name: How to Fight Terrorism," Foreign Affairs Jan/Feb (2002) link
23 Nov   Thanksgiving Break
30 Nov   Viewing of Taking Chance, dir. Ross Katz (2009)
7 Dec   Discussion of Taking Chance
14 Dec   Jonathan Marwil on "The Mmeory of the Vietnam War"